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8820 Kenamar Drive #503
San Diego, CA, 92121
United States

(760) 845-3201

SD Wrap specializes in giving your car a unique and distinctive look to make you and your car standout in the crowd.  Offering premium automotive restyle vinyl wraps and project builds/design, wheel powder coating, wheels, tint, paint protection, body work, and more.

Paint is out, vinyl is in...and it's the most functional aesthetic upgrade you can do to your car.  Instead of devaluing your car by tampering with the stock paint by repainting your can give your car a stunning makeover while also protecting your paint and investment with color options not possible with paint.  SD Wrap utilizes the highest quality vinyls (3M, Arlon, Avery) as well as knife less tape to avoid knife to paint contact.  With a whole new lineup of colors and textures, you can dream up your one of a kind color combinations with either Matte, Satin, Gloss, Candy Paint, Brushed Steel Textures, Carbon Fiber, and Chrome Vinyls.

We offer Partial and Full Vehicle wraps:  hoods, trunks, trim, mirrors, interior, or full car.  Please contact us for a quote if interested, you're going to fall in love with your car all over again.




Complete Vehicle vinyl wraps

To accomplish a complete color change on a vehicle entails an overwhelming amount of work and meticulousness.  We safely disassemble pieces of the car (door handles, mirrors, bumpers, grills, headlights, tail lights, emblems, etc.) in order to accomplish an complete color change along with clean secured edges that won't fail on you.  The prep is also one of the most crucial parts, but we avoid using any adhesive promotors that can compromise the integrity of the paint and we utilize Knifeless Tape instead of risking scoring/cutting on paint.  The end result is your car having a completely new custom look along with being an incredibly effective asset towards protecting your paint.  Life expectancy differs between who you ask, but we believe in giving realistic expectations for the product and it ultimately comes down to how well it's maintained.  We feel comfortable giving expectations of about 3 years on a daily driven car, but the manufacturers rate it as a 5-7 year product.  An incredible alternative to painting your vehicle without compromising the integrity of the car and it's resale value.


We offer the hightest quality wheel powder coating in an unlimited amount of colors.  Once your vehicle is brought to the facility, we remove the wheels, have the tires dismounted, send them out for sand blasting (most crucial part), and a powder based paint is applied and baked.  Mounting & Balancing is included in the service and powder coating is the most resilient and proper way to change the color of your wheels!


Blackout packages vary significantly between each car, but is usually the first and one of the most important aesthetic modifications you can do to your car.  The unsightly chrome car companies use as accent pieces on window trim, grills, emblems, and so much more...can now be saved.  We offer vinyl wrapping of trim pieces, painting of emblems, painting of grills, smoking of lights, and powder coating of wheels.  Give your car the factory aggressive look it deserves and eliminate the unnecessary use of chrome.  Unlike paint that tends to easily chip and can be outrageously expensive, as well as permanent...we have the perfect solution.  We can also utilize any color to accent wheels or and dream combination you can come up with!